Arnica Ocean Resistant sunscreen waterproof sunblock for swinmming


This type of sunscreen usually clearly indicates its waterproof performance, such as "waterproof for 40 minutes" or "waterproof for 80 minutes", indicating the time required to reapply after swimming or exercising in water.

There are several reasons for using ocean sunscreen:

1.Protecting coral reefs and other marine organisms: Some chemical sunscreens contain components such as benzophenone oxide and methoxycinnamate, which are considered harmful to coral reefs and other marine ecosystems. These components can cause coral bleaching, affecting its growth and reproduction. Therefore, using marine sunscreen can help reduce negative impacts on the marine environment.

2.Preventing water pollution: Compared to chemical sunscreen, marine sunscreen is less likely to dissolve in water, thereby reducing the pollution caused by sunscreen components entering the water.

3.Improving sun protection: Marine sunscreens typically have high SPF values and can provide more comprehensive UVA and UVB protection, helping to better protect the skin from sunlight damage.

4.Long term Waterproofing: Ocean sunscreen generally has good waterproof performance and is suitable for people who have been active in water for a long time, such as swimming, diving, etc.

5.Safety: Some marine sunscreens use physical sunscreen agents, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are usually safer than chemical sunscreens and have less skin irritation.

6.Supporting sustainable development: Some marine sunscreen brands prioritize environmental protection and social responsibility, and choosing to purchase these products can support sustainable development practices.

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